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Very fast paced game! I like the mood this brings, music and graphics tie together. I like the simplicity of it too. I like the surprise of the demons and how quickly they come at you, but I think the game might have benefited from allowing the player to have  a larger field of vision.  I think the idea is there and it's great, but I still feel that this game is a little unfinished. 

Small issues I noticed:

- Game starts off with demons right next to you, automatically lose lives.

- The collision box seems to be overly extended, can shoot the demon within a distance, but still get a life taken from you.

I love how intense this game is! Zombies are basically flying towards me which requires me to always be on the move. The rate of fire, however, doesn't match the speed of the game. The gun fires too slow and I find it impossible to keep up with all the zombies dashing at me. Another issue I found was when I was at the edge of the screen. If I was at the edge of the screen and a zombie spawned, I would instantly lose a heart because I couldn't react fast enough.

Both of these issues could be fixed with a bigger playing field and a larger camera view. This would give the player more breathing room to dodge zombies without getting too close to the edges of the screen.

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